The Perfect Wedding Gift for you Groom

July 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So what do you get your husband to be for a wedding gift? Buying thoughtful and personal gifts is a tough thing to do because if you buy something for the home is it going to be too practical? Or if you buy him electronics it is just going to be outdated within a year and it ends up getting replaced, you already bought him an amazing watch for his birthday............ How about a beautiful Boudoir album to present to him just before you guys get married? It is personal, it is thoughtful and there is nothing more that he loves in this world than you.

I love shooting the pictures of the bride and groom opening their gifts to each other. To see the look on their face is amazing, but to see a groom's face when he opens a boudoir album of his wife to be is by far the best reaction. A groom will honestly beam from ear to ear when seeing this gift. It is something that you guys can share forever more, like you would your wedding album, but maybe you don't display the boudoir album on your coffee table for the whole family to see. lol This is just for you two!

Boudoir Photography is Classy, Beautiful and Elegant. A shoot that you can enjoy taking part in and then share with your husband. Think about this..... Your fiance will open that gift and possibly not even get to see or speak to you about it until later in the day when you are now Husband & Wife. So now you get to see the look on his face when you ask him "Did you like your wedding gift?" I know he will be beaming from ear to ear again. 

This can also be an amazing gift from the Groom too. 

A boudoir photo shoot is a fun event and giving your wife to be a photo shoot as a wedding gift is as thoughtful coming from the groom to the bride as it is going from the bride to the groom. You get to go shopping together for the outfits for the shoot or maybe your wife wants to surprise you with what outfits she has chosen. With this gift you get to look through the album for the first time together and see each other's reactions :) 



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